E-Commerce Website Design

Service Overview

Our E commerce package allows you to sell products and services to the world via you’re your website. We use a powerful shopping cart technology that we customize to suit your business and its needs. Selling online cuts out a lot of overhead and is simple to do. We integrate payment processor for you, set up a shopping cart and include a large back-end administration so you can easily manage your online business.


  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment Integration
  • Administration Area
  • Customised appearance
  • Logo Design
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Domain Name registration
  • Email Accounts


An e commerce website is the only way to sell products online. You can sell anything you want as long as it can be shipped or downloaded. This is suitable for people looking to create an online business. Its simple, easy to run and if you sell the right product at the right price it can be very profitable. An e commerce website is a great way to make a second income or a good way to make money for stay at home mums.

Service benefits

  • Huge Market
  • Easy Management
  • Low Overhead Cost
  • Professional Design
  • Easy Navigation
  • Little Time required to run
  • Sell anything

Hot It works

We strive to make the process simple for you. Simply fill in the order now form and send it to us. Firstly we design a visullay attractie design. Then We integrate with the shopping cart system and a backend administration system. Payment integration is then done. Lastly we thoroughly test to fix any bugs. Throughout the process we will contact you daily to keep you informed and get the result that you want.
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