Frequently asked questions

How long will a website take to build?

Most websites will take about 2 weeks to design, build and test. Depending on the difficulty and size of the site this timeframe can change. Once we have the details we will estimate how long we will take to complete your project.

Is there any other cost with a website?

NO. We display all our fees and our prices are GST inclusive. Our hosting and domain expires after 1 year and cost $80 to renew. Some businesses recieve benefits from internet marketing which is an optional cost that you will decide upon.

What is a URL and a domain name?

These combined are the address users can find your website at. You can choose any name as long as its not registered. Registration is around $70 but is included in your package.

What is Hosting?

A host is a company that puts your site on the internet on your behalf and charges you a fee for the service, usually a recurring monthly fee.

Will people be able to find my site?

Yes. People can simply type in the web address to visit your site. However for people to find your site online through search engines your website will need to be optimized.

What is SEO and do I need it?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It refers to optimization of your website to rank high in Search engines. If you would like to rank on the first page of google when people type in related keywords, then yes you will need it. If you simply happy to use your website as a point of reference for your business (pamphlets, business cards etc) then you will not need SEO.